Saturday, August 23, 2008

The japanese lunch

I haven't seen the girls in ages and decided to take this opportunity to catch up with them before I flew. Plans were made to meetup in Pyramid for Japanese and the funny thing was it was the same chain of restaurant I went for dinner the other night so I knew exactly what to order and what I wanted to eat. At the same time Avril called me stating that her sis is there for the Avril lookalike contest and asked me to go and support. I was there awhile to lend support and when they took a break I decided to go get lunch as well since I was already freaking hungry.

When I got there they were already eating and I ordered my food. Tried the dragon roll and caterpillar roll as well which was awesome !! We manage to catch up a bit on what's happening and obviously the topic of the day would be the drama Ms Ong is going through. Sometimes I pity the things she has to go through !!! hahahahaha This latest drama involves a certain ex gf of the guy that she is currently hanging out with and she got a nasty email from the ex gf. What a bitch, though it sounds so noble of the ex gf but there's a reason why she's the ex and no more together with the guy right ? So she should just learn to accept things and not butt into other people's business.

We sat there and yacked and ate dessert and ordered even more dessert !!! hahahah the table beside us changed people 3 times and we were still there eating and drinking and yacking !!!