Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Friday night

Yet another night out with friends. Viv was down for the weekend from Penang and plans were made to meet up for dinner at the Fish place in Ikano. It was good seeing faces of poeple whom I haven't seen in ages. There's Ting back from Taiwan. There Kelvin who we just celebrated his birthday with. There ST whom I haven't seen in ages as well. It was a good night with loads of laughter, screaming and shouting and I think I was the major contributor to all of them !! hahahaha well what can I say .. I like a good laugh and there's nothing better than to share that laughter with your friends. Mr Sim was around the area for dinner and we were suppose to meet up after dinner for a few drinks but little did any of us know the things that were in store for us that night !! hahahaha .. definitely one night which neither of us will be forgetting anytime soon !!! In fact I wonder if I should even be writing about it in the first place .. hmmmmmm ... maybe I will maybe I won't .. lemme think about it :P

I wasn't really sure what the agenda for the night was and I was equally as surprised as the birthday boys when a cake was brought out to celeberate the August babies. There were three of them and I think Kelvin was shocked over the whole thing. No wonder they were asked to sit together so it was easier to attack them !! hahaha There were a few faces which I was not familiar with so I never really talked with them. Lazy laaaaaaa :p

After the fish place the rest wanted to go and continue the night over at Bebee's place playing board games but I already had plans so I asked Cody, Ting, Wai and Kelvin if they wanted to join me for drinks and surprisingly they did. Met up with uncle sim and we went over to the apartment for drinks. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea for them to meet cause of the different personalities but overall it was fun and we had some good laugh and some of them were at the expense of Kelvin with his Ipoh drunk stories obviously !!! hahahahah the story will never get old I tell you :D

Called up Avril to find out what's the plan as it was Alicia's birthday and plans were made to meet up at TTDI and uncle Sim wanted to follow as well since he didn't have transport home. Cody,Ting, Wai and Kelvin made their way home while me and uncle sim continued on the night at TTDI. I told uncle sim that it was going to be a quiet night as most people we knew that hangs out at Wabi were out of town but we definitely were in for a shock least to say !!! hahahaha

Reached there just in time as everyone was just about finished singing Alicia her birthday song. Gave her a little hug and before I knew it I started meeting so many people I knew and made some friends with some people I didn't know !! hahahah