Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The ikan bakar birthday

It was just another usual day in the office and left home on time as usual but this time the difference was it was Kelvin's birthday and the only way I knew this is because I had it keyed in my mobile. Calls were made to confirm the fact and I even called him out for dinner.

Of all the people to call I called ST to reconfirm the date and she was blur as usual !! hahahah she tried to call and find out but at the end of the whole thing she just called Kelvin and wished him happy birthday .. aiyoooo .. no more surpise la like this. What's even funnier is that she even asked him what cakes he likes so that we will not end up wasting the cake !! This woman I tell you .. sometimes don't know choke her to death or just laugh at her la hahahha

So we met up for dinner at our favourite ikan bakar shop and manage to get a few people to come along as well. It was good catching up with familiar faces and chat like how we used to. Need to make a point to come out more often :)