Friday, August 15, 2008

Ismail the Last Days

Went out with Mr and Mrs Sim to catch the play Ismail at KL Pac. It's the first time I've even been there and I was rather impressed with the whole place and the play was awesome. Well the story at least. It's amazing to see an insight to the man who shaped our country and not only that but to see the passion he had and the dreams he had for the country. At the end of the musical I can't help to wonder what happened to our country along the way and what happened to the dream that Ismail had. One could not help but compare the current political scene with that portrayed in the musical. It feels as though we are moving backwards in way things are run and things that our previous politicians fought hard to prevent from happening are the exact same things that are happening now. Plus the song "You promised me" totally got me hooked and I absolutely loved it :)