Sunday, August 17, 2008

The sunday afternoon

Had a few things to do and wanted to go to Ikea to get a bookshelf as well. Got my shelves and went over to Borders to have a look at their sale. It was in the center court in Curve and I was browsing along I heard this voice over the loudspeaker. At first I didn't pay any attention and when she started talking about office politics it got my attention but she still didn't stir any curiousity on my side. Then she started talking about Malaysians and how people/society nowadays are pretty shy about things and how they do not speak up that's when I stopped browsing and started heading towards her. Now she got my attention and as she kept speaking I was drawn more into her topic and she wanted a volunteer to talk about something and she'll gave away her book for free. I was soooo close to climbing up on stage but there was another person who was faster than me .. damn .. so I just sat there and listened to what she had to say.

Suprisingly I agreed to what she was saying and what surprises me even more is how similiar our thoughts were. She started talking about other stuff and somehow it ended up about aura's. For some strange reason I voluntered myself and I was on stage talking to her about my views and thoughts about the whole thing. Having a bad sore throat didn't help at all but being able to talk about things felt good. Suddenly the crowd disappeared and it was as though I was talking to a friend over a cup of coffee sharing and exchanging views over the whole topic. Who would have ever thought I would find enough courage to end up on the stage !! hahahah