Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from the East

Finally I'm back in KL after my little adventure in the East cost of Malaysia. It's like I signed up for Amazing Race or something. I was in Kuantan on Friday, Kuala Terengganu on Sunday, Kota Bharu on Monday and then back in KL on Monday night. 4 days, 3 nights, 3 different hotels, 3 different states and roughly 1500km later I finally arrived back in KL in one piece.

August is a crazy month for me. We just recently launched our office officially and the months and weeks of preparation finally paid off. It was suppose to be a happy day for all of us in the office especially after hearing rumors that our 2007 will finally be out on the same day. What better way to celebrate right ?? Well that's until we actually got to see the amount we received. Suffice to say we didn't get what we expected, heck in fact it was like peanuts !!! Everyone was in shock and disbelieve especially the management and immediately they marched over to meet the CEO and demand an explanation. Apparently he wasn't aware of the issue and would rectify it ASAP !!

I left for Kuantan on Friday morning and for the first time heading towards the east coast. Finally I can proudly say I've been to all the states in Semenanjung Malaysia hahahah I drove alone and stayed in the hotel alone and this gave me loads of time to think. Yup once again the wonderer meets the wanderer !! hahahah

Life has been great so far and I've met loads of people and have done loads of exciting and new stuff but at the end of the day there's still emptiness. I asked M. Ong the great (don't say I never give you credit ah !!) for an explanation and she said because previously there was someone to share those moments with unlike now there's just me,myself and I. As much as I hate to admit it but I think she made some sense. Previously I was happy, contented and felt as though life was complete unlike now where there's an emptiness that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to fill up.

I always am up for a challenge and like an adventure but this time around I couldn't believe how foolish and stupid I was. I knew how dangerous it was and yet I went ahead with the plan. Well the plan backfired and I almost saw my life flying by me !! hahahahah The worst part was no one knew where I was or what I was doing. Thinking back now I realise how lucky I actually am and it one of the few times in my life that I was really really scared. Until now I'm still in shock and in awe over the whole experience. Now I truly understand the meaning of curiosity killed the cat. Well it almost killed me !! hahahah

Overall it was an enjoyeable trip though the journey was far but I get to once again see things I've never seen before. I guess in a way I was hoping to find answers by being away from the familiar and known but ended up with just more questions ... LOL ...


M.Ong, the greatEST said...

Yes, I am GREAT. hahahhaha.

But you know we're here to share ANY kind of moments right? Good or bad, we're here larh. Like how you were there for me.

Thanks, Yogs. *hugsssss*

Warh, so emo.

changeiam said...

hahahaha so when you wanna spend me ice cream ?!?! :P

Don't worry I know that there are people out there who truly worry and care for me hence the reason why sometimes for those exact same reasons I can't reach out for help because I want to rely on myself as much as possible ma ... hahahaha ...

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