Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dinner and pictionary :D

Was out for dinner with some friends last night and it was a lovely dinner with loads of laughter. Yeah since when is there a dull moment with a person like me around whose laughter can be heard from the next room hahahahahah. We had a lovely dinner and a lovely host who took the time to actually cook and ensure enough food was available. Though it was a bit too much lor and the cake was AWESOME !!!! seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyy if only I wasn't too full I would have had another piece A BIG PIECE !!! hahahahahha

After dinner we ended up playing pictionary. First of all I can't act for nuts and second of all I can't draw for nuts and obviously being bad at both I was very reluctant but decided to play anyway since it promises to be quite a fun experience. Few hours later more like at 3am in the morning we were done with our little game. It was a damn funny experience and I loved it. WHEN DO WE DO IT AGAIN ???

Thanks a lot for taking the time to prepare a wonderful dinner and a wonderful night. I really had a lot of fun and loads of laughter.


lilxcute said...

Lol pictionary!!! I wanna play too! My london game...I always win nyah! =D Aunty beefy always fighting for last place muahahaha

changeiam said...

hahahahah pictionary is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :D

lilxcute said...

lol ajak me!!

changeiam said...

ok ok will see when we going to have another session :D