Friday, June 22, 2007


It's funny how expectations works. Sometimes people expect so much from you as though you are the most perfect person on earth and that you should never do anything wrong.

Let's take a parents expectation for example, they expect you to do well in school. To get good grades and be the top of the class. So if you don't does that mean you haven't been trying ? Does it mean that you are any less a good child compared to the one who got first ?

Nobody's perfect and by having an expectation before you even go into something are you setting yourself to be dissapointed or are you setting the standards as to how things should be ? There is such a thing as setting expectations too high and when we don't get what we expect we often end up hurt and dissapointed.

So how much can we expect ? Do we tend to have higher expectations for the people we care more ? I know for certain my parents expect a lot more from me compared to my sister because they know I'm the responsible type and will try my best to live up to their expectations where else my sister couldn't give a damn and does things the way she wants to irrelevant if it's what they expect or not. If you don't care about someone they can continue doing on whatever you want and it wouldn't even bother you because you didn't expect anything from that person in the first place. Does someone who lets you down means that they don't care and bother ? I don't think so but sometimes maybe some of us do feel that way.

By setting expectations you already set targets and goals in your mind as to what you want which in a way is a good thing obviously but what happens when you don't get what you expect does that mean the person who let you down doesn't care or maybe they have tried their best and because they have not met your expectations they are considered a failure ? How would someone know what you expect out of them if you've never told it to them in the first place ?

I expect to have the answers to everything but obviously I don't so I should get my head out of the clouds and ensure that I have my feet firmly on the ground before I set myeslf for a great big fall.

"No expectations, fewer disappointments!" It's that simple. Not easy. Simple.


dukduck said...


yuyue said...

Expectation is a bit to much. Having a goal is already good enough for me xD

lilxcute said...

Where has my yoganess gone to?!?!?!?!
Too busy pak toh =( forgot about me edy

changeiam said...

dukduck thanks for dropping by

yue but by having a goal you're already setting expectations ma hahaha

jan i'm here don't worry never run anywhere just suddenly overwhelmed with work

daffster said...

dont set targets or goals la, just live life day by day as it comes, for as you set a goal you start to expect, and when you fail your goal, you have that sense of regret and it hurts mentally/physically..

oh hello yolks

changeiam said...

it's a bit hard to live life without any goals and getting disappointed is just part of life we have to deal with la.

btw ermm who you ?? hahaha