Monday, June 04, 2007

Pictionary masterpieces

Here is some of the masterpieces from Saturday nights pictionary hahahaha. Have loads more but some were not so clear but I think the one that gets crowned the worst drawing of the night that has no relevance whatsoever with the answer was by yours truly. I got a wolf and I had no idea how to draw a wolf. So ended up drawing mountains, a lake and gave up halfway. Then I drew a sun and cancelled it and drew a moon and then I drew the most pathetic looking dog ever hoping that they will guess werewolf and then ending up at wolf. Okay I know my drawing sucks but we still ended up winning .. hahahahahahaha

Take a look at the first picture and then compare with the second one. The answer was seaweed and obviously the first one was guessed. The second was a sushi !!! hahahaha

My beautiful snake hahahahaha the answer was rattle and instead of drawing a baby and a rattle this seemed to be the obvious choice hahahah thank god they guessed it :D

Tiger woods ? Looks more like a cat if you ask me .. hahahahah

Another one of my master piece hahahaha fish finger :D

I now am a pictionary addict .. when when when ???


bevE said...

i like the second pic !

ms.bulat said...

Oh..i think i should scan the drawings ee lyn drew after you. so the ORIGINAL lorh.

Oh si air crotch!

lilxcute said...

Lolz aunty bento we should have scanned ours! =D

changeiam said...

beve hahahaha yes it's nice :D

bulat wei you don't do this to me lor after next time i take 10mins just to draw one picture ok I bring color pencils also .. bleahhh

jan hahaahha post post :D

bevE said...

dumpling: YA HOR we should have ! XD

yoganess: alamak i comment wrong post ! LOL ! XD blur or what ?! nvm i like this second pic too =P

lilxcute said...

Lolz wait i go back London I will go scan all the pics...we never threw them away XD
But pictures drawn by artistes like aunty point in scanning, they look too good...XD

lilxcute said...
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changeiam said...

beve ahbahahah is okay sometimes i also very blur one

jan hahahahah well you can show what an artist draws like ma then noobies like me can try to learn :D