Sunday, June 10, 2007

The dinner

It's been awhile since the whole family has been out for a dinner and since I recently got promoted as well I decided it was time to bring everyone out for a treat. I had classes so plans were made to go out for dinner after I got home for classes.

It rained for a while and threatened to ruin the evening but luckily by the time we reached there it already slowed down. We started ordering cause I was freaking starving and when it came to the fish, we all heard her say chicken paste fish and we all looked at each other and wondered what the heck was that and decided to try it out but mana tau when the dish arrived it looked different hahahahaha actually the lady said ginger paste fish but we all heard as chicken lor called her again to reconfirm and she gave us the look ahahahahhahaha must think we some kinda weirdo lor asking what happen to our chicken fish .. hahahahahah damn funny lor but the fish turned out to be quite good as well so no regrets there :D

It was a lovely dinner and left the place feeling damn bloody full lor and the crabs .. my god .. AWESOME !!!!


lilxcute said...

omg lookz tasty!
i love ginger paste fishhhhhhhh
haven't had that in ages!!
where's the restaurant sayangz?

changeiam said...

it's along old klang road near taman desa the balai bomba i forgot the name the next time I'm driving past I will take a picture okay better still let's go there one day :D