Monday, June 04, 2007

Movies update

Have been watching so many movies lately that I haven't had a chance to update the blog but then here's a recap on what I've watched lately or at least what I remembered la hahahaha

Blades of Glory
This is one crazy mad funny show which will leave you laughing like a mad person. Definitely was worth watching especially after a stressful day at work. Some even watched twice and still laughed their ass off. I pity those that were around me who had to listen to my crazy ass laughter hahahahaah

Sorry no idea what happened in the show except the guy can see few minutes into the future and ends up saving the day or something hahahahha. I was too busy taking care of someone to pay attention to the movie ahahhahaha

The Hills Have Eyes 2
Now this is one of the goriest movie I've seen lately. The starting scene itself was damn gruesome with the woman giving birth to a monster and the part where the guy get shots in the brain and still able to move was madness

Wild Hogs
Another crazy ass funny show that I wouldn't mind watching twice. Men in their mid life crisis trying to act cool. What else can you ask for ?? hahahahaha


lilxcute said...

i watched blades twice and I laughed like madddddddddd
I pity my friends who heard my extremely loud laughter lolz

I notchet watch wildhogs!!

changeiam said...

hahahah yes blades is damn funny and wildhogs is a must watch as well !!!

lilxcute said...

yesh yesh when i have the time...i'm pretty caught up right now...*huggiez* too bad can't have badminton this week.Can I book you the following week? =)

changeiam said...

jan you very busy ah this past few days ?? next week badminton sounds okay but i need to reconfirm my schedule first when you wanna play ?

lilxcute said...

lol were you not the busy one? didn't even visit my bloggy! =P
Sunday 11.00 am ? =) tmn megah?

changeiam said...

jan hahahah yes actually I have been rather busy lately :D Sunday sounds good but make sure got more ppl to play la :P hahahahha