Monday, June 04, 2007

Groove Junction - Rachel Guerzo

We got an invite by Rachel (more like forced .. just kidding) ahhahaha to go and see her perform in Groove Junction.Reached there around 10pm and she was already done with her first set. The place was so much smaller compared to No Black Tie and seeing Rachel playing anything else other than the grand piano was a little dissapointing but she still manage to put on a great show.

Me, Rexine, Estee, Eelyn and Estee's MUM went for the show. Estee called me and said that her mum wanted to catch Rachel sing also luckily bookings were made in advance.

We got a place right in front where we could enjoy ourself fully. The place was a little too noisy as well and people we more busy enjoying dinner and chatting then watch Rachel sing. Only after 12 am when most of the dinner crowd left did we get to listen to Rachel sing in peace.

I'm officially now a Rachel groupie hahahahaha and will be planning to visit No Black Tie tomorrow night to once again to watch her perform but this time I think I will be skipping supper and head back home earlier to sleep but then again things don't always go as planned hahahahaha


ms.bulat said...

okay photos mali please: P

i like the 2nd photo!!~*LAUGHS*

changeiam said...

Yes second photo very nice hahahaah masuk bakul angkat sendiri ... tonight take more pics :D

bevE said...

eh i liked the second pic too ! o.O strange, i thought i commented