Sunday, June 10, 2007

It ain't easy

I appologise first and foremost for making it look like it's easy but in actual fact it isn't. Someone recently asked me how come as a masters student I seem to have all the time in the world to still enjoy myself ? The answer to that is of course by making some sacrifices.

First thing that you need to throw out of your life is sleep. Suddenly sleep seems not so important as you try to juggle between work, studies and having a life. Sleep is for the weak and it should be on the lowest priority in your list of things to do that is until you find yourself dozing off in meetings and classes and even while driving and you find yourself amazed that you even made it back home without ending up on the divider then you know you're on the right track hahahahahah

Work is from 9-6pm and have classes from 7pm-9:30pm which leaves around 3-4 hours of available time to go out and hang out with friends and enjoy whatever time is left for that day and if need be extend that time till 3-4am in the morning whenever neccesary which gives you about 3-4 hours of sleep because you need to wake up at 7am for work.

Then you find yourself back in the office feeling sleepy and tired but at the same time you need to concentrate on work and soon it becomes a routine and you get used to the zombie state of mind and only thinking and talking when the need arises on top of that reading materials for the evening class needs to be read so that you can participate in the discussions and understand what is being thought in class.

Well all is fine and dandy until you meet that lecturer who gives you a knock on the head and brings you back to reality on what it takes to be a masters student. She gives you tonnes of journals to read an average of 3-4 a day with classes the next day. Not only that everytime in class she keeps mentioning about how much work and commitment is involved to do the assignment and what differentiates a disctinction from a merit. A distinction in her mind is something so good that you could even publish it. With just a month or so to finish it up I wonder how on earth am I going to make it look like a research paper .. my god !!!

Well not to worry I'm excellent in my time management and I will find a way to squeeze it all in hahahaha but yes if you think it's easy studying and working part time let me remind you now that it really is not and even though I make it look easy it really isn't and sometimes the pressure and expectations is so high that you feel like just turning the other way and running. Sometimes I sit and wonder for who or for what I'm doing all this for and why am I suffering my time and resources on my studies when I can be spending it being with my family and friends even though I'm halfway through my course but most of the times I just bang my head against the wall and remind myself of my future and my goals and that manage to bring my sanity back in place hahahhaha ..

So next time if you see bruises on my forehead you know what I've been upto .. ahahhahaha ... oh well it's time to head back into class and continue my battle with time and myself :D


lilxcute said...

Sleeping at 1 and waking up at 6 is already killing me. u're crazyyyyyyyyyyy =P *salute* hee

changeiam said...

hahahah you already knew I'm crazy before you met me so it's no surprise right ?? :P