Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy happy joy joy

Okay I'm feeling very chatty and everyone seems to be busy with work on Monday so here I am rambling about nothing so if you're feeling bored then continue reading if not just close the browser and continue on with your life so you won't loose precious time reading something about nothing .. okay ?? Since you have been warned let's see what I want to ramble about this Monday morning :D

After class yesterday was feeling a little down and what better way to turn a frown into a smile other than to spend time with your loved ones. Well in this case I turned to friends, coffee, dinner, movie and to top it all off what better way to end a Sunday night other than going for karaoke and singing or more like wailing in my case to release some pent up stress.

Thank god we were no where near a cemetery because I think I could raise the dead and even if I couldn't people would definately be rolling in their graves. Yes I'm that bad !!!! ahahahah but that didn't stop the mic from magically appearing in my hands and me singing to songs I thought I didn't know and magically I can sing them and I swear I didn't have a single drop of alco hahahahaha but I do pity the people who had to put up with my horrible singing .. I guess I will have to go find more unsuspecting victims either that or make sure everyone is drunk before I sing .. ahahhahaha

Went for dinner in Curve and the restaurant name was .. ermm I no idea .. no no .. not the restaurant name .. as in I forgot what it's called ok but if my memory doesn't fail me I think it's called Charms ? Well it was my first time there so I didn't know what to order so I let "boss" order lor .. and ordered my drink which was orange plus apple juice which was not so bad ..

"Boss" recommended the lamb thingy and some mayo thingy and mushroom soup thingy and claypot rice thingy and I think that's it la hahahah but it was still a lot ok. I thought eat lamb ok ma but suddenly we were served rice I was like eh I thought we having lamb and boss said this the lamb la they cook together with the rice ... but then I was wondering to myself why the rice so white one .. kena tipu already .. duhhhhhhhhhhh

Soooooooo anyway finally the lamb came in this small little fire pot clay thingy with charcoals that is still cooking/sizzling/burning the lamb.I took a picture of it but my camera not with me so I can't post any pictures but then trust me it was GOOD !!!! AWESOME !!! DELICOUS !!! FANTABULOUS !!! though I did leave some lamb pieces a bit too long on that fire thingy and some were a bit burnt but overall it was lovely .. and then the mushroom soup thingy OMG .. also awesome not like the stupid out of the can soup you get in some places this actually tasted good and then the mayo thingy with bread .. OMG another sinful delight .. boss actually quite smart also lor in ordering food .. hahahaha

The 3 of us were trying to stuff ourself because we ordered a little too much but because the food was so lovely we manage to finish it and some smart alec who couldn't finish the lamb decided to tapao it back and we had to smuggle it into the cinema and the whole time we were watching pirates I could smell the lamb. I wonder if anyone else smelled it cause it smelled awefully good lor hahhahahah

After movie we head over to Redbox to sing our hearts out and well suffice to say I left the place with a slightyly soarer throat but with a much lighter heart and shoulders plus let's just say it was a night to remember la and of course I'm keeping the details to myself :D hehehehehe

Then it was suddenly 3am and it was time to say goodbye and I made my way to Cineleisure to get my car and spent a good 10-15 mins figuring out how to get to the damn parking because most of the main entrance was closed so I gave up and decided to take the path a car normally would and walk floor by floor to reach my car which was like in the 3rd basement and as if that's not enough even the exits from the car park were closed and I think only the main one was open so I spent another 10mins in the basement of Cineleisure trying to find my way out. I felt like a damn mouse in a damn maze damn idiots .. don't they know people are still awake enjoying life at 3am in the morning and need to get out of the parking as they normally would at any other time ?

Slept around 4ish coz I couldn't sleep haahahah though I was tired but I wasn't sleepy. All system haywire already hahahaha and I'm going bonkers .. cuckoooooooo but on the upside I'm freaking high on dope which is awesome !!!!

I'm feeling tired today but at the same time I'm feeling such a rush, such a high. It's as though everything and anything seems to be possible. Nothing can stand in my way as I hold my head up high, proud and happy with this warm fuzzy feeling that the world is not such a bad place after all. Just have to be patient and know that something good is coming your way. I have that feeling of wanting to go out and stand in the rain spreading my hands wide open and enjoying the feeling of the rain spattering against my face and playing in the rain as though I was a little kid again with no worries or apprehension for life and just enjoying the moment that is present. If only it was so easy to let loose and just dive into things head first without worry of the consequences, how I long to be once again naive and innocent and able to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If only .....................


lilxcute said...

=( T________________T

changeiam said...

hahahaha it was a last minute thingy la plus you sleep early one where got stay up until so late if got work next day

lilxcute said...

lol tak de hati nak invite! =P
true oso la...i need my beauty sleep...else tak cantek tarak org mauh!

changeiam said...

yeah la you see I don't want trouble you and put you in a spot ma cause I know you need your beauty sleep :P hahaha

lilxcute said... heart means nu heart la sayangz...dun hafta gimme all the excuses...i can bet i wasn;t in ur mind =P

changeiam said...

hahahahaha what you mean nu heart .. sure got heart ma that's why don't want bother you !!! :P as for what's on my mind .. for me to know for you to find out !!! hahahah