Friday, June 15, 2007

Paranoid android

Have been having a weird vibe this past few days and on Wednesday night I had a weird dream and even though I slept quite late I was awake by 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. Then yesterday night when I was having dinner I got news of my uncle passing away .....

and something totally unrelated hahahaha I know I've been thinking too much when

  • I'm on my way to somewhere but somehow I find myself heading home
  • I spend 10 minutes looking for my car at the usual spot only to realise that I parked it elsewhere on that day
  • I look high and low for my handphone only to realise it's in my pocket
  • I'm physically there but my mind is not
  • Things that once gave me pleasure now scares me
  • I stare at the monitor thinking what to write and an hour has passed by hahahah
The funny thing is I'm not even remotely sad hahahahahaah how twisted is that. I guess I'm still in denial and oh yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh latest news update I'm apparently an inconsiderate bastard who only cares about myself. I guess I'm not that nice of a guy after all hahahahahahahahaha


UnkleBus said...

send me your salary to show u care!


bevE said...

no u're not,
u're the huggable, lovable, yoganess who has emotions and needs to care and think of only himself sometimes.
what in the world did u do to deserve that?

changeiam said...

unkles for you my friend I'll do something even better. I'll get you a bottle but only if you promise to share mmmkayyyyy :D

beve some people who think the world revolves around them suddenly found that I have better things to do then to grovel at their feet

bevE said...

if unkles is getting a bottle, what do i get? =P

changeiam said...

hmmm beve u get a disposable camera ?? heheheheh

bevE said...

eh so bad =P u owe me a real camera ! =P