Sunday, June 10, 2007

No Black Tie - Rachel Guerzo

Haven't been updating the blog in a while cause I've been BUSY !!! Yes busy with work and studies ok !! I do actually have other things to do other than go out and enjoy myself contrary to popular believes !!! hahahahah

So after class on Tuesday I made my way to No Black Tie to join some lovely ladies to enjoy a beautiful evening of music. Reached there quite late because my classes only finishes around 9:30pm and obviously by the time I got there Rachel was done with her first set.

The place was rather crowded for a Tuesday evening and it looks like next time I want to go there must do advance booking already hahahaha as usual Rachel manage to captivate her audience with her lovely voice but this time something was different the ever smiling Fly was not playing and someone else was in his place. Though technically this new guy seems to be playing better than fly but he lacks the enthusiasm and passion that only Fly can bring while playing the double bass.

So here we were enjoying our wine and having a decent conversation when suddenly the air filled with a loud laughter. DAMN LOUD OK !!!! It was like a crackling laughter of an evil witch and I couldn't take it and burst out laughing as well, I was really trying so hard not too but it was harder than I imagine and suddenly we got our very own syncronised laughing team in No Black Tie with her leading and me following hahahahahaha

As if that was not enough her table was probably the noisiest there. Not that I mind cause it adds to the atmosphere and I still could hear Rachel sing so I didn't bother about it. The fun began slightly after midnight when most of the people left and there were like only 3-4 tables left and they suddenly thought we needed some extra entertainment and got up and started dancing !!! IN NO BLACK TIE !!! Well okay it was funny but then the loud laughing lady was not really dancing, well you could call it dancing anyway she was doing this thai dance movement thingy where I've only seen on tv and everyone was paying attention to her instead of Rachel ahahahhahaha

Not only that somehow all of us manage to get Rachel to perform a 4th set, well not really a full set but still it was more than what she usually performs and it was lovely. This time around I told Rachel that I can't join for supper as I had to head back to get some sleep cause I have classes the next day.

Also Rachel I'm sorry for your loss.