Friday, June 22, 2007

The wanderer meets the wonderer

I am back !!! hahahaha ... I'm on the bus on the way back from Singapore where I went for my little getaway from the hectic KL lifestyle though I think Singapore is even more hectic but I could for once not bother about work and about stuff that seems to arise every now and then.

Don't you just love technology. Imagine few years back getting online without a PC seems ridiculous but now with the convergence of technology we can surf and check email from our phone truly allowing us to stay connected whenever and wherever.

Apparently people have been wondering where I vanished to without notice. I was in Singapore for CommunicAsia and at the same time went to do some shopping though I didn't end up buying much. I manage to somehow get around the MRT system with all their different lines. Not that difficult once you figure out which station you need to get to.

While there I noticed how Singaporeans tend to not bother what people think about them. Well at least that's how it looks to me. I saw people walking around bare footed along Orchard road and yet it didn't get any stares or finger pointing. I can just imagine if you try doing that in KL you'll probably not only get weird looks but everyone will just plainly stare at you as if you're a lunatic. LOL

Everyone seems to be having a handphone even small kids who look like their only 7 or 8 years old. Amazing. Not only that everyone seems to be in their own little world. Either listening to music or sms-ing. My god I thought I was quite fast in sms-ing but when I saw the speed that their fingers move at to type an sms I would say that I am damn slow. The speed the thumb moves at is amazing. I could hardly keep up by just looking hahahahha

Technology not only has brought us closer but yet it has made us drift apart. Gone are the days when we use to get birthday greeting cards now it's just an SMS away and even then some find it so difficult to send a message.

If ever you want to observe people Singapore is a great place to be because there's just so many people around hahahah amazing. Especially on the MRT, sometimes packed like sardines and that was not even the peak hours.

Anyhoooo I will be in KL shortly and it's back to the reality of my life for me and hopefully with my little getaway I am now more refreshed to take on the challenges that awaits me. Livin la vida loca ... hahahahaha