Friday, June 01, 2007

31% at Baskin

Was talking to Estee yesterday and suddenly the topic turned into food and we found ourself talking bout ice cream and suddenly we realised that it's the 31st and Baskin is having their 31% discount thingy going on, so we made plans to meetup after dinner which I was suppose to have at home but my parents weren't in so metup some friends for dinner instead.

Estee wanted to get tickets for some movie in Cineleisure so we decided to head to Curve after that to enjoy our dessert but as soon as we got there we were shocked cause there were LOTSA people and luckily I asked the guy at the counter if they have rum and raisin because I wanted that but they ran out of that flavour .. DAMNIT .. not wanting to give up we went over to Centerpoint to try our luck instead and the situation there wasn't any better.

It looked as though people have never eaten ice cream before. The crowd was just ridiculous. This is only the second time I'm going for the promotion and I didn't know it was this bad because the first time my friends were there earlier and all I had to do was finish the remaining ice cream. I swear to god if at all I'm planning to go there again it would be much earlier if not I rather not save that RM10+ for a quart and waste an hour plus of my life when I can be in Starbucks sipping my latte hahahahah

Still loads of people around waiting to get their ice cream and their numbering system sucked. There were some people waiting over an hour and still not yet get their ice cream. So I just stood around there waiting and there was this loud idiotic bitch that was making life really miserable for everyone.

It was as though she owned the place. Kept shouting around and saying how lousy the service is and how rude the staff are and then had the check to stand in front of the counter even though it's not her turn and keep asking to taste ice cream. Not only that she had the check to turn around to her kid and say

"Aiyaaa boy ah boy you see the queue so long we don't get buy ice cream also nevermind la we just taste all the ice cream here and go back"

I was like WTF ... felt like grabbing her by the hair and giving her a few damn slaps. Stupid bitch. Everyone was patiently waiting their turn and she just waltz in like she's a queen and everyone must serve her. Then she kept insisting she was waiting over an hour and her number has not been called yet.

This was when I got fedup and decided to sit down and Estee seeing my frustrations bought me a scoop of ice cream from the express counter. Thanks a lot Estee at least that cooled me down a bit if not you will see a scene from Blades of Glory where I will that the knife from the counter and slit her troat !!! arrrghhhhhhhh I can feel the veins on my forehead pulsating even thinking about it now.

After waiting for more than an hour it was our turn and Estee got a pint or was it quart of ice cream for her mum. Drove her back home to drop the ice cream and made our way to Laundry to meet some friends.

Thank god for laughter and some alco if not it would have been a shitty night.


Anonymous said...

grown ups fighting over ice cream? omg

changeiam said...

Yes yes full grown adults fighting and screaming over ice cream and showing their kids how to cut queues and demand for attention when it's not their turn.