Tuesday, June 12, 2007


No I'm not talking about someone who likes to talk about motors but more on how someone can talk nonstop. The odd thing though I always thought they have always been that way and will be that way until I found myself slowly being one also and yesterday was when I realised I'm a certified motormouth hahahahhaah

I've always been wary about what I say and to who I say but yesterday I have no idea what came over me as I told someone a lot of things which I shouldn't have. I was feeling very chatty and even after posting on the blog I was still not satisfied so I ended up talking about stuff which weren't meant to be shared with someone whom I barely know.

Don't you wish sometimes you could turn back time or take back what you have said ? Well this is one of those moments. Obviously I can't take back time nor take back what I have said so I will just have to live with it and don't let it bother me too much but I know because of what I said I will now be stereotyped or judged for the things I have done and I just hate that feeling.

I must remember that not everyone is like me and not everyone bothers about stuff that doesn't concern them. Oh well I'm only human and I do make mistakes so screw that shit. Mistakes were made, just have to learn from it and get on with the program.


kookoo said...

dont worry bout it k?
everyone goes thru this time and she'll understand k?
if not i'll make her understand!!
ur not being judge whatsoever...so dont worry k?

changeiam said...

hahahaha yes yes I know just felt like venting but then again I've been doing too much of that lately also hahahahah but yes no worries and no regrets :D

kookoo said...

good u have no regrets!

UnkleBus said...

mulut lazer


machinegun mauf


there's nothing to be sorry about and welcome to the club!

LOL *grin*

changeiam said...

yes yes i am only human not god

long time no practise mulut lazer la loosing the touch already hahahaha and yes I'm finally realising life isn't as peachy as it promises to be ... LOL

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