Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So were suppose to have a meeting on Tuesday to discuss on the individual BSC and KPI but boss was not in till later in the afternoon. Went through the webml book in hopes of finishing up my part of the assignment but it doesn't really give good examples to compare with. Guess the hypertext model is very subjective and depends entirely on the design of the site and there's no real right or wrong way to go about doing it. Will be meeting up with a team member today evening to discuss on the assignment and hopefully will be able to sort out any doubts that any of us has.

Was also suppose to head over to the gym today but was way too tired and slept quite late last night so will be heading to the gym later in the evening instead after the assignment discussion. Was suppose to go over to the library yesterday to return the books I borrowed as well but only manage to leave the office around 7:45pm and was already late so the books is another day late. Will have to get it done today or else will have to pay even more fines.

Was also suppose to get the receipt to be claimed for the month of Aug but totally forgot about it until this morning. Will have to get it done today as well. Since I'm already late for the submission looks like I will only get the claim for the month of Sept. Will have to make sure to submit the claim for Sept earlier as well so at the end of Sept I will get two months claim. Muahahahahah