Friday, August 04, 2006

Yes !!!

Okay finally I've manage to head over to the gym yesterday after work. It was difficult to drag myself into the locker room and then onto the machines but once I started moving I actually felt good and before I know it my 30 minutes was done. After that off to some weights and then since I was a little bored and wanted to try something new decided to try out an aerobics class. Hahahahaha. Oh boy my hands and leg coordination were way off and half the time I was trying to get them in sync and also to keep up with the class. This was my first class and I was a little "slower" compared to the rest but boy was I glad to see that I wasn't the only one.

Was there for almost 2 hours with the aerobic class being an hour long, decided to call it a day and head for the showers. Once I was done head over to pay the parking as I usually do and head back to the car. This time was slightly different as I had two bags to carry one was my laptop bag and the other my gym bag. So after I got to my car and put my bags in the boot and sat down in the driver seat I realised that my parking ticket was missing. Jeng jeng jeng jeng ... open the boot and checked, checked all my pockets, checked my wallet, checked the back seat, check under the front seats, walked around the car, spent a good 10-15 minutes looking for the parking ticket and I couldn't find it.

Gave up hope after running around like a headless chicken and decided to go to the counter to pay the fine and as I was walking back and retracing my steps what do I see on the floor near the ticket paying machine. YES IT WAS MY PARKING TICKET or so I assumed :D Took the ticket and got the hell out of there. Next time the parking ticket is going into the pocket no more holding on to it while walking to the car !!!!

Okay back to my list of todo items. Let's see what I've accomplised yesterday, not much actually but better than nothing

  1. Tidy my office desk (still is untidy)
  2. Head to the gym (must go today !!)
  3. Check with dad for bank in slip (got the slip and photocopied but forgot to submit)
  4. Finish up the assignment (one part of assignment done.. wohoooo !!)
  5. Read up on webml (
  6. Download webml template/stencil for visio (
  7. Submit claim to HR
  8. Download webratio (another product for doing webml)
  9. Read/review part 2 of assignment

Okay looks like the list is getting somewhere. Woohooooooo.