Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday blues

So Monday came and went in such a rush that I didn't even have time to sit and grumble about it being a Monday haha. It was a friends birthday and we went out for lunch together and he then later bought a cake (chocolate mousse) which was sinfully good !! Had a few small pieces, lucky I was planning to head to the gym today or else would have felt guilty.

I still haven't done much on the assignment but I did manage to get hold of the book that will help out in doing the webml part. At least something got done. Tried to tidy my table but stopped halfway because I was just plain lazy. Change is hard but change i am :D

Today is the due date for the books I borrowed from the library and I only managed to renew one of them. The other one has been booked and I'll be collecting it from the photocopiers today so I'll have to return it tomorrow and pay the fine.

Manage to submit my KPI to my manager even though I have no idea what is expected from us. Suppose to have a one to one session with him today and we'll just see what he says. Really doesn't affect me that much so no matter how good/bad I do during the appraisal as long as all my work is complete.

Manage to head to the gym after work yesterday and honestly speaking I think it's the longest time I've spent there. Reached there about 6:30pm and immediately enrolled for the RPM (cycling) class which lasted about an hour. It was bloody tiring but the odd thing was I still felt energetic after that. Rested a while and I went and got on the stairmaster thingy. Initially wanted to do 1/2 hr but managed to only do 20 mins as my legs were truly killing me but yet I felt energetic so decided to try out the Bodyjam session. It was fun and entertaining. Met a friend there as well and after a lenghty discussion with him on how to eat properly and doing a proper workout with the intention of loosing weight looks like I might be heading to the gyms in the morning for a 1 hr workout instead. We'll see how it goes.

Also started reading one of the books I got the other day called If life is a game, these are the rules. A very interesting read and I've only done the first chapter where the first rule was You will receive a body Then talks about how we should accept our body for what it is but at the same time doesn't mean that we should not take care of it ie having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Also talks about self esteem and how our body does not define who we are and should not be a limiting factor to the things we want to or ought to do in life. In the end it also talks about how we should take time off from our hectic life and enjoy the wonders of being alive. So I guess the old saying all work and no play makes you dull is true after all.