Saturday, August 12, 2006


So I got lazy and didn't blog on Friday, boohoo. Well it was a rather special Friday as later in the evening we will be having high tea. My colleagues who were recently promoted are holding a makan-makan (eating) session to show their appreciation for the recent promotion. Lucky them.

Woke up quite early on Friday even though I slept rather late. Was suppose to meet my team member again today to discuss about the assignment but since we're concentrating more on the webml part at the moment and because we're planning to do it on paper first as it's easier, so I didn't bring my notebook.

My body was still aching from the body pump session on Wednesday. Especially my right arm, must be the damn biceps/triceps curls.

Went to have lunch with a colleague of mine and one discussion let to another and we found ourselves talking about getting married and settling down. An interesting discussion I might say. How can we know when is the right time and who is the right person ? Is it like a message or sign to get married ? Someone once told me that you can never prepare yourself for marriage and you should just go ahead and do it. Is it true ?

Or is it because the fact that two people who love each other so much and in other words believe that their are soul mates want to move on to the next level and be with each other till the end of time and get married. If that's the case then why are there so many unhappy marriages around with either the husband or wife cheating on each other and committing adultery ? Sometimes to the extend of getting a divorce as well ?

But on the other hand I just attended a friends wedding few weeks back and the love and joy they had for each other was just amazing. You could actually feel the love radiating from them and you can't help but to feel happy for them and not only that the chemistry and bond between them feels a lot deeper. May they have a happy and everlasting marriage !!! As for me I feel the time is still not right but you can't help to feel envy or left out when most of your friends are either married or getting married or expecting kids.

Checked with my team member and she can't make it today so we will be meeting somewhere next week. I also emailed our lecturer to check if he will be free to meetup on Wednesday but he isn't free and suggested we meet on Monday instead. Will see what my other team members say and we might end up meeting on Monday afterall.

So went over to the badminton hall and there were only a handfull of people and my colleagues weren't there yet and I thought I was late. Had an okay game though not to my full satisfaction as my arms were still aching. Left about 9+pm and reached home around 10pm. Took a shower and had something for dinner.