Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend once more

So the weekend has come and gone once more. Not sure why but I just feel so lazy to blog on the weekend. Maybe cause I'm just plain lazy and want to have some rest. So let's recall what the weekend was about.I had badminton session on Friday and then later in the night met up with some friends for "yumcha". Went back before midnight as I was rather tired but weird thing was when I got home I didn't feel tired. So ended up watching the TV series that I just got. Spoiler alert

A very interesting TV series with a even more interesting cast. Basically humans created machines called Cylons and they eventually evolved and began attacking the humans. After being silent for a long period of time (40 years) they manage to create machines (humanoids) that looks like human which then infiltrated the defence on earth and one man played a vital role in the success of Cylon attacking the 12 colonies is Dr. Gaius Baltar, who is also regarded as genius among the human race. By deploying one of their humanoid Number 6 (there's 12 cylon models) to get close to Dr. Gaius (basically boinking him everyday) and gain access to the Colonie's defence mainframe. Then it goes on showing how the survivors struggle to stay alive with the Cylons chasing them around the galaxy. Then they also learn of Cylon humanoids and how anyone of them could infiltrate into the midst of them and just go unnoticed. Go here to read more about it

I got hooked on to the show and finished almost half of the episodes that night and slept quite late. Woke up around 9am and called a friend who wanted to be woken up at 9am. Then watched more BG (Battlestar Galactica) and had early lunch around 11:30am. Fell asleep around 2+ pm and woke up only around 7+pm. Lazed around the idiot box (TV) surfing channels and around 10+pm got a call from a friend which I recently met to come out for some drinks and a movie. Hey since I've been couped up at home the whole day I'm definately not going to turn the offer down. It was good to be out among friends and chit chat about stuff and we caught a movie and reached home around 4am.

The next morning I woke up around 12+ pm again. Oh my god, I have been sleeping like mad this past few days. Oh well that's what the weekend is for anyway. Had lunch at home and just lazed around the TV watching CSI. Another TV series that I love to watch but since most of the time other people in the house have control over the remote I seldom get the chance to watch the shows I want to watch. Since no one was home that Sunday decided to laze around watching TV and making full use of the new found freedom and control over the remote.

Went out around 3+pm to meetup some friends whom I've never seen in quite some time. Seems like everyone is still busy doing what they have been doing all this while and they seems happy/content with what they are doing. At least it's good to know that there are people out there enjoying their life. After meeting up with them felt bored and decided to catch a movie and I ended up watching< Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
Can you believe that I haven't watched this show until now ? I think among all my friends I must be one of the last person to actually watch this show. Well like they say better late than never. Well I guess most people have already watched the show so no point me telling what it is about but can't wait for the continuation of the show and what happens to Cpt Jack Sparrow. This time he's back funnier than ever and the animations this time was even way cooler than the first part. For those who haven't watched it what are you waiting for ? Better go now before it stops playing in the cinema. Nothing like watching Capt Jack Sparrow turn into a hamster on the big screen. Hahahaha.