Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time flies

So it's already Wednesday and I didn't update the blog like I'm suppose to. I wonder if there are people who religiously update their blog everyday maybe even more than once in a day and then there are some who only blog as and when their mood/needs warrant them to do so. I have no idea in which one I belong to but must be the latter type cause I cannot imagine updating it daily (for the moment that is) hahahaha.

So Monday came and went in a hurry. I was suppose to have a discussion with my one of my group members regarding the assignment as we were planning to meetup with our lecturer. Made appointment to meet her during lunch time but got carried away with work and had a late lunch leaving little time left to meetup and she was also rather busy with work. Made arrangements with the lecturer to meetup instead.

Emailed him stating we would like to meetup with him and he emailed back stating I should arrange with the admin people so they can arrange/book the room for our discussion and if I don't do so he wants to leave early to pickup his wife and kid after work. So that's exactly what I did and emailed him to confirm the meetup and boy was I suprised when I got his reply. He told me in a polite way to ensure that I PLEASE MAKE SURE to set the appointment in advance in the future as he already made arrangement with his wife and kids to pick them up. I guess it was partially my fault for setting it at such a last moment. Was feeling so damn guilty.

Met up with my group member near my office to collect some documents that need to be presented to him as she can't make it today. So it will just be myself and another group member. FYI the group contains 3 members. So I reached college earlier as I didn't want to piss him off even more by coming late also ensure that my other group member was there before 7pm. Showed him the email from the lecturer and he also got a little worried about his mood when we talk to him later. Well what's done is done no use crying over spilled milk. The room that was booked for us was being used by someone else so we decided to go look for him instead and the first thing I did when I saw him was to immediately shake his hand and apologise for the last minute arrangement. He sounded like he was alright with it and just told in the future to make arrangments earlier so he can arrange transportation for his wife and kids.

Phewwww what a relief so showed him what we have done so far and he was rather impressed and I guess that made him realise that we genuinely had done our part and needed his help to clarify on what he wants. Some minor changes needs to be done but basically the most critical part of the assignment is done and now we just need to fine tune and compile them all together and start hitting the books as the exams is on 2nd Sept.

Early Tuesday morning the first thing I did after arriving in the office was to email him and once again express my sincere apology for yesterdays arrangment. He seems okay and informed that if we still need help with the assignment he'll try his best to accomodate us. Truly a man who genuinely wants to help his students. Thank god for me or else I might have to retake this module if he decided to hold a grudge. Hahahahaha.

Haven't been to the gym in what seems like ages so decided to go yesterday after work. Have some documents that needs to be prepared for some proposals that needs to be handed out this week. The appraisal that was suppose to be done last week is rescheduled for Thursday afternoon so I better start preparing the documentation for that today as well.

Headed to the gym after work and I wasn't mentally and emotionally in the mood to work out but forced myself anyway and was I glad I did cause after I was done I definately felt much better. I have to ensure I at least go to the gym 3 times a week and not just once or twice like I'm doing now. After all it's for my own health only and no one else.

Got an sms from a friend to meetup for some drinks at 10pm so after the workout had a shower and went back for a quick dinner and then went to Gazebo SS15 to meetup with them by the time I reached was already 11+pm and we chatted till around 1+am when everyone decided to call it a night and head back home for some shut eye. Time definately is flying for me and I hope I can ensure I make some time to study as well or else before I know it I will be sitting and waiting outside the exam hall and wondering what the hell have I been doing with my time.