Thursday, August 10, 2006


Manage to meetup my group member to discuss and seems like we are not very far off from finalising our webml model. Even with just the 10 pages that we are suppose to do for the assignment the webml hypertext model for our website is HUGE and that's without the CMM (content management model). We cannot imagine how huge our model's are going to do if we were to do for the whole website which could end up like 30-40 pages just for our webml model. MADNESS !!!

So after our discussion I head over to return my books to the library and got fined for being late. Oh well at least I returned it didn't I !! Manage to get the other book that was recommeded by the lecturer to be read. Looks like I have my hand fulls for the weekend. There goes whatever little time I have for myself to kick back and relax.

After the library head over to the gym for some exercise but by the time I reached there was almost 8pm and was feeling a little lazy so decided to go for a class session instead. Only one was available was BodyJam so went for that. OMG I HATE LUNGES and I was only on 5 kg. 2 1/2 kg on each side and this girl beside me was carrying a lot more and here I was panting and huffing myself crazy and thinking my leg was going to fall off. Paiseh !! At the end of the session my arms and legs were aching like mad. Left about 10+ pm after a quick shower and a cup of hot tea.

Back home had something light and did some surfing and it was bedtime for me. Hit the sack before 12am and before I knew it, I heard knocking on my door. It was my dad waking me up. OMG I was late for work and it was already 7:40am. Took a quick shower and away to work I go. Reached office 5 minutes before 9am. Phewwwwwwww.