Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why men don't listen and women can't read maps

So the other day I got myself another book even though I still have some book which I haven't even started reading yet and some are read only halfway. I'm going on a shopping spree ... weeeeee ... hahahahahThere was a list of books recommended to be read and one of them on the list was Why men don't listen and women can't read maps.A very interesting read and recommended to anyone that wants to understand the other sex better. I haven't read men are from mars and women are from Venus yet so I have no idea if they have any similarities. This book basically explains how we are wired differently in the brain itself and how our thoughts between different sexes are different. It really explains a lot the problem faced by men and women in today's modern world. It explains how men have tunnel vision and women have wider peripheral vision. The examples given in the book are very funny and witty as well. For eg when men looks at another women they most of the time get caught because men have tunnel vision and need to focus their gaze at one direction where else women with their wider vision tend to catch men just as they start focusing on the other woman.

This all happened long time ago during our ancestors time. Men usually went out hunting and usually needed to focus their view to a target to catch and bring back for dinner where else woman who usually stay at the cave will have a wider view to detect any predator or danger that approaches them. That's why sometimes guys can never find something that is right in front of their nose and blame the women from hiding it from them.

After finishing the book it really has opened me eyes as to how different men and women really are and how with the changing of roles in today's modern world ie women who also work tend to make things even more complicated then they already are. After reading this book I tend to reflect back the moments in my life where arguments occurs with the opposite sex especially a significant other. Simply misunderstanding each others need be it emotionally or physically can cause many happy relationship to suffer in the long term.

Another funny chapter in the book is how often when women talk they just want to share their problem with someone and most of the time the man being the problem solver will receive the signal that their woman is in trouble and immediately switch into their problem solving mode and try to analyze and come up with a solution to the issue that is being faced. Most of the time the poor women just needs to unload her frustrations and anxiety and instead of listening the man try to solve her problem on the spot which more often than never end up in an argument with each other instead.

Maybe the next time I'm at the bookshop will go through a copy of the men from mars book and see if it's worth buying. If it's anything remotely enlightening as this book I'll definitely grab a copy.