Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's the weekend

Yesterday was one hectic day. I was rather free in the morning finishing up whatever work I had and reading about our BSC and KPI as Tuesday is the submission date. Went out for lunch and then had a discussion with a group member on the assignment. We actually might be able to finish the assignment in another week or so which leaves us loads of time to study and review for the exam as well as add in anything we might have left out into our assignment. Very fortunate to have such dedicated group members as work is hectic enough without trying to coordinate and organise the members of the team for the assignment.

Got back from lunch and had a discussion (again) on the BSC and KPI with the team members. Getting evidence to support/backup our KPI will be quite a daunting task as most of us haven't been updating our system (ticket). Will have to do some backdating job to "fabricate" some evidance. Hahahahahah.

Had a badminton session yesterday after work and decided to join afte 3-4 months hiatus. I actually feel that the gym session are finally paying off. My footwork is better and yes even though I still feel tired and exhausted but during the game I could actually feel the energy surging through my body. Wooohoooooooo .. time to work more on my footwork and stamina. Met up with a few friends later for drinks and went back home before 11pm to get some rest. Was really exhausted, fell asleep trying to finish up my introvert book :D
Okay time to review my list again.

  1. Tidy my office desk (still is untidy)
  2. Read up on webml (
  3. Read/review part 2 of assignment
  4. Use visio to draw the webml portion of the assignment