Monday, August 28, 2006

Flu, fever and the works

Haven't been updating in a while. Haven't been feeling to well the past few days. Had food poisoning on Thursday and basically had very bad headache as well. Had a meeting in the afternoon and around 4pm or so it hit me. Severe headache and everything seems to "move" around me and couldn't really focus my vision. After that had to rush to the bathroom a few times cause I felt like vomitting and in the end, I puked about 3-4 times. What a day it was for me. Decided to take a short nap and before I know it, it was already 7+pm. Took panadol and decided to drive home.

As I was driving home remembered that I was suppose to meetup with some friends for dinner. So decided to swing by a while as I was feeling much better. Had steamboat dinner and it was quite good. After dinner we joined another group of friends for more drinks and chit chat and ended going home around 3am.

Friday also was a rather busy day as had appointment the whole day and was still feeling rather feverish. Took more panadol and after the meeting in the evening went back home. Had dinner, watched tv and it was sleeping time for me. Way too tired.