Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time away from work

Was away from the office for two days for training. Was rather reluctant at first because I knew nothing of the subject and was hesitant because I'll be the only one from my company attending. Woke up early Monday morning and stupid KL had electricity failure and the train service was interrupted and causing everywhere to jam as well. Reached there 5-10 mins before 9am and was rather suprised as the training was held on the top most floor in the executive business meeting room and when I got out the lift it was quite dark due to the power outage and only vital lights were on. Registered myself at the counter and noticed that my name was spelt wrongly and gave my business card so when they give out the cert they get my name correctly.

It was a very interesting and entertaining course and the instructor was very experienced and at the same time funny and able to maintain everyone's attention. The food there was awesome as well. The facilitator for the event also was such a hottie.