Thursday, August 03, 2006

I think I can !!

Wow this is proving to be a bigger challenge then I anticipated. Was stuck in a discussion after lunch yesterday till almost dinner time which left almost no time for other thing to be done. Went back home had dinner and decided to at least complete my assignment. Okay let's review back my todo/task list from yesterday.

  1. Tidy my office desk (still is untidy)
  2. Head to the gym (must go today !!)
  3. Check with dad for bank in slip (got the slip and photocopied but forgot to submit)
  4. Finish up the assignment (one part of assignment done.. wohoooo !!)
  5. Read up on webml (
  6. Download webml template/stencil for visio (
  7. Submit claim to HR
  8. Download webratio (another product for doing webml)
  9. Read/review part 2 of assignment

Looks like I have my hands full hopefully some of the tasks will be done by tomorrow especially the easier ones. No point dragging them on forever. Today was another unproductive day. Was stuck in a migration/testing practive and only to come out unsuccessful well at least I started reading a book that I bought few months back which was still in the plastic wrapping. !!!

It's quite an interesting read. Had time to read about 3 chapters. It's basically about introvert vs extrovert people and how different they are and how introvert's should not feel inferior to extroverts and how introverts can use their uniqueness to their advantage. It's a good read especially for introverts as it explains how other people also feels the same way and how perfectly normal it is !!!