Thursday, May 31, 2007

the hypocrites

Yes we all hate them and despise them but have we ever looked into the mirror first before passing judgement ? I too despise hypocrites until I realise that at certain point in time I'm also one. We are human after all and we sometimes just don't do the things we often preach about.

I agree with the goverment that bribing is bad and that we should not encourage it but when I got caught for speeding and get stopped over immediately the question of the day would be .. "mintak maaf encik ... tolong la sikit ...boleh settle tak ?"

I say I hate people who double park and are inconsiderate but yet sometimes I find myself doing the same thing when I'm in a rush maybe I'm a little more considerate and leave my number on the windscreen but still it's an inconvenience to the person I'm blocking.

I say what idiots people are littering on the street and yet sometimes I find myself throwing a sweet wrapper or two around the streets or out of the window while I'm driving.

I always tell myself I won't do this or that and yet when the time comes sometimes I find myself doing exactly the same thing. Am I not suppose to practise what I preach ? Talking is always easy but action speaks louder than words.

Lately I've been finding myself in difficult spots and though I have promised myself in the past that I will never repeat the same mistakes again but here I am taking the same path once more. What about the road less travelled ? Am I not suppose to choose the other path since I've already been this path once and know where it might lead me ?

I guess there's a line where being a hypocrite sometimes is okay but in extreme cases when you go around being all holy and a saint and condeming everyone in sight for doing things the way they are doing and then in the end you do the same thing yourself then you definately need to think twice before opening your mouth anymore. I'm in conflict with myself and that alone is giving me a freaking migraine.

I guess humans are creatures of habit and even though no matter how hard we try we do experience some slip ups and find ourselves making the same mistakes again. I know I'm doing what I said I don't want to be doing and though I loathe making this decisions at the same time nobody forced me and I made them with a conscious mind. I guess now that I can't turn back time I just have to make sure I handle things differently if and when it happens again. In the mean time it's time for some damage control. May you all mercy on my soul... I'm only human ok !!! :D


ms.bulat said...

ahhahaha bribing is GOOOD. at least some things get moving!!! gib RM10 wont move wan....gib RM5 xtra ah....suddenly got progress and so forth =='

wht is tat sentence? it takes 6 months to break a habit but 6 seconds to pick up a one? and this only applied to bad habits..

lilxcute said...

Lolz Bribe me Bribe me =D
You bribe me i dun blame you for ffk'ing me=P

changeiam said...

bulats yes lor when everything is going the way we want then bribing and being a hyprocrite is okay if we are on the receiving end we will sit and bitch bout out

jan hahahah bribe u with what ?? not enough bribing already meh ??