Friday, November 03, 2006

Ghetto heaven baybehhhhhhh

Imagine I was out yesterday night on a weekday partying ... me in a club itself is already hard to believe what more on a weekday ... muahahahahahha .. evil evil me .. met up with the usual people for dinner first and then after filling our tummies with food it was time to dance and drink the night away.

We picked up AA's friend from somewhere in Pantai Hill Park before heading over to Zouk and reached there around 11pm or so. Since there were not many people around we started off on the drinks first as they were having happy hours from 10-12pm so we got a jug of beer first to start off the night. By the time it was 12 we were already on our third jug and got a fourth jug just in case hahahaha

That's when the crowd started pouring in and two girls who I assume are working there got up on the podium to dance. OMG they were good. The DJ for the night was DJ Irwan from Amsterdram. The way he mixes the music is awesome from R&B to hip hop to even some classic rock. Awesome .. you can check out his page here . By the time it was 1am the place was fully packed and we were practically surrounded by people and the ladies that night were the shiznit ..

I was having an awesome time enjoying the beat and letting it take over my mind,body and soul. We decided to leave slightly before 3am cause some of us have to actually work the next dayyyyyyy ... arrrghhh so now I'm sitting here in the office half awake with just 3 hours or so of sleep .. the only way to cure it ... more partyingggg of coz .. hahahahaha ..