Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pant .. puff .. dyingggg

So after such a long break from the gym I finally decided to give it a go once again yesterday. It was damn odd stepping back there seeing all the people running/jumping/carrying weights plus there seem to be many new trainers which I've never seen before.

So to the locker room I went to get change to venture back into the sweaty world of exercising. Wanted to go for some classes first to get myself slowly accustomed to sweating again but I saw the threadmill being empty decided to hop on it and go for a slow jog.

By the end of the half hour my legs felt like they were about to drop off. I was panting and huffing as though I had been running for ever and that's not even running non stop for 1/2 hour more like jog and walk and jog and walk alternating every 5 mins. OMG I'm crap .. ahahhaah .. wasn't satisfied and decided to do another 15 mins so dialled up the machine again and away I went. This time around I manage to jog for 12 mins non stop well at least it was an improvement and now I sit in the office with most of my body parts aching. Arrrghhhh .. CHANGE I AM !!!