Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mambo jambo .. grooovy

So I picked AA up around 10pm and drove over to TN's place. We finished off the balance vodka from the other day and tried using a new mixer orange + lemon. The result was awesome !! CC said usually will be there after 11pm so we left TN's place about 11pm or so since it only takes about 10-15mins to get to Zouk from his place. So the usual gang arrived Zouk around 11:15-11:20pm and we proceeded to head to Velvet for some mambo goodness.

We met JK and HN in Velvet as well and I got a jug of beer. The place was quite pack and lucky we manage to get a small spot near the dj counter at the dance floor. Not too crowded yet was close enough to have enough fun. It was different listening to the tunes in mambo and then grooving to them. All this while I was texting CC back and forth trying to locate CC. In the end I gave up and decided to continue enjoying the night instead of walking around searching for CC.

After a while in Velvet we decided to head over to The Loft to check out the scene there. It was quite empty and I got to chill on the sofa. I wasn't quite able to layan the music and I just sat there on the sofa enjoying the air cond and admiring the view. I think I'm having PMS (Pillow Missing Syndrome) was just so stoned and moody the rest of the night even though I was actually really looking forward to it. AA met up with a friend and left with her. So the rest of us decided to call it a night and go get some food.

Got home and feel asleep around 5:30 am or so. I'm going to be such a zombie at work.

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TN said...

PMS has a cure, can be fixed

will let you know when!! *grin*

changeiam said...

hahahah okay okay ... SET !! :D