Monday, November 20, 2006

Raya Open House - Pt Dos

So after leaving NA's place CT wanted to drop by the office a while to get something done and to meet up with some colleagues who is going for the open house as well. Halfway there it started raining cats and dogs. More like a thunderstorm actually it was damn difficult to see the road and water was rising very fast at certain areas. CT's boss place is somewhere behind the zoo and armed with a sms as directions we tried to find our way there.

We got near the zoo and followed the directions and came to a road which was flooded. I suspect it was almost knee deep because there was one motorcyclist pushing his bike through the water. There's no way I was going to drive through that. So we just sat there for a good 5-10 mins wondering what to do. CT called the boss and informed of the situation and we got a different route to head to the house.

We made a u-turn and tried to find the way mentioned. The rain was still pouring and visibility was quite poor. We followed the new way to the place which I have no idea where it was cause this is my first time in this parts of KL. Somehow after driving around for what felt like forever and taking one wrong turn we finally got to the place thanks to CT exceptionally memory and navigational skills. Hahahah got treasure hunt next time must ask CT to join already.

We were once again the first ones there because many people decided to either turn back cause of the jam or were stuck in the jam on their way. So we sat enjoying the dinner while waiting for the rest of CT's colleague to appear. CT's boss is damn cool. For someone who is that high level he's down to earth and doesn't impose that feeling of fear that most top management people possess. Met a few people that night whom I obviously can't recall any of their names.

So after filling our tummies and also coz CT needs to head back to office to finish off work we decided to leave earlier since the rain has also stopped and hopefully the road will be clear of jam. As we were about to leave few more people arrive and this time I recognised one of them. I looked close again and yup it was Marion from 8tv. Did you know that Marion is on wikipedia ?? Here's the link to it Hahahahah .. she looks much better in person that she does on the screen. She has one of the sweetest smile .. too bad we had to leave .. all CT's fault !!! grrrrrrrr

Dropped CT back at the car and I reached home feeling bloated and satisfied. Overall it was a slow and relaxing Sunday and I got to meet people whom I haven't seen in a very long time and whom I never thought I would meet.