Monday, November 13, 2006

The week that was - Summary

Haven't had a chance to post anything the whole of last week. I have no excuses other than the fact I was feeling lazy :D So here is a post about the week that was or at least what I can remember of it cause it was one hell of a week ... really !!!! hahahah

Nothing really interesting happened the first half of the week other than the fact BV called me to say hi but I was rather busy and had to attend a meeting so we didn't really had time to talk that much. Manage to head to the gym on Monday and Wednesday so that's all good. Told TN on Wednesday that if possible I wanted to head to Mambo next week to see what is it about cause I heard some good things about it.

My colleagues wanted to play volleyball and so I obliged even though I don't really know how to play. There's this new place near our office that has a volleyball, basketball,futsal court. It was my first time there and the place was awesome. There was a kopitiam there and what's even more interesting they had a pool table. Finally there's a place to hangout near the office not too sure if that's a good thing or not, still haven't made up my mind hahhaha. Was at home chilling when I got an SMS asking if I want to join the gang at Ghetto Heaven. Why not man .. haahahah. There was this DJ from UK spinning that night DJ Shortee Blitz. You can check out his website here. His choice of music was awesome not too many commercial tracks and the way he mixes and scratches was awesome. Ghetto baybehhhhhhhhhh ...

So obviously after Ghetto and enjoying whatever sleep I could get which was only like 2-3 hours it was back to work in a blur blur mode. Managed to scrape through the first half of the day and through lunch. Lucky it was Friday and we have a longer break so I catched up with some much needed rest and was rudely awaken by a phone call. God damn it but lunch time was over anyway at least I manage to get some rest no matter how little it was. I had to leave office earlier as well cause I needed to drop by the college to pay my school fees. Reached home around 7pm when AA called me and said he wanted to be at TN place around 8pm so that didn't leave much time for me to sleep and I decided not too anyway in case I couldn't wake up. So spent the time online catching up on some news. Called AA up before 8pm and told him I wanted to leave and he was still sleeping and told me to take my time so I did just that and left the home aroudn 8:30pm. Hahahahha .. we got some pizza and head over to TN place where we started off the night with some vodka.

We wanted to check out some other places in P Ramlee before going to Zouk so we ended up in Thai Bar. The place was packed and most of them were too busy drinking anyway. So after a while there we went walking around and wanted to head into Poppy and while we were outside comtemplating to pay for the cover charge AA remembered it was Friday and Velvet had promo for Long Island which is much more value for money. Haahhaahh. We were in Zouk awhile. They were having Pure Ibiza night and those dressed in white were given free entry and also had some people dressed up as part of the event. After spending some time there we headed on to Velvet and metup with PL and his work colleagues. Met some very interesting people that night and one of them being Kumar who is this hilarious guy who is super hyper. Hahhahahaa. Went over to TN place after that to chill out. I didn't know I had a pillow fetish. I got hold of a pillow and didn't let go of it for the whole night. Hahhahahaha .. I love pillows. Do you know where is your pillow ?!?!? :D

So after reaching home soooo early in the morning went to bed to catch some well needed rest with I was awoken by a phone call by JK saying he got two VIP invites for Tata Young who was in KL for a show in RUUMS. So I called up AA if he's interested to join at first he was hesitant but at the mention of the word free flow he said OKAY !!! hahahha So we got the tickets and ended up in Ruums around 8pm and we were suppose to be there around 7pm. Lucky we were a bit late and were shocked when we reached there and the queue was bloody long. Having VIP invites we thought to ourself no way we're going to line up for this thing. So we got some directions to get to the main entrance. Got in the place and head over to the VIP section where we immediately proceeded to the bar to get our complimentary drinks only to rudely surprised by the guy behind the counter asking for coupons which we obviously had none.

After another guy kept complaining the bartender finally gave us one complimentary drink and it bloody sucked. We were bored and wanted to go have dinner as we were about to leave the place they mentioned that Tata Young was about to get on stage so we head over to the registration counter to ask for our coupons and we got back up to the VIP area. It was a short show with about 4-5 songs. She hasn't got the best voice but her stage presence more than makes up for it.

So after the show and once the coupons were finished (1 beer and 2 chivas mix) we decided to head for dinner. Since we were lazy to go anywhere else ended up in TGIF and ordered our meal. I had a Long Island and AA had a Margarita. So as we were having dinner and chilling I noticed this tall lady walk in and had the same hair style as Tata Young and I told AA this and he said I was dreaming hahaha. She sat down with a group of people on the other side of the restaurant and I told AA no la it's her and he also had a good look and yup it was her alright. Sitting under the same roof as us having dinner. It's my first time being so near a celebrity so excuse the jakun-ness. Hahahah wanted to go get her autograph but I wasn't a groupie and I didn't really wanted to disturb her dinner. Oh yah there's also this cute waitress in TGIF but I was so disappointed when I learnt she was married. Ohhhh well. hahahhaha

It was almost 11pm and we took a slow stroll to Zouk while waiting for the rest to come in. We went in first and the place was still quite empty. We got ourselves a jug of beer and proceeded to find an empty space. The rest came when we were about halfway done with our beer. There was this Gatecrasher party going on where Dogzilla was suppose to be spinning. Most of the music quite alien to me cause long time never listen to trance and the likes. After a while we headed over to Velvet also but it was bloody packed couldn't even really move around.

It was AD birthday on Sunday ( Happy Birthday Biaatttchhhhh :D ) so we decided to take the party else where and ended up in TN place where a few other people joined us. Time to chill again and the first thing I did when I got to the room was to grab the pillow. Hahahahahahha ..

It was one of the best weekends I've ever had and have opened up my mind, body and soul to new experiences. Just when you think you've been living life and unexpected things happens. Really an eye opener. Now I can truly say I'm living my life and grabbing each opportunities by the balls and making the best of it. AWESOME !!!! CHANGE I AM !!!


TN said...

life is full of unexpected turns. its the company that matters!


changeiam said...

at the end of the day after all that is said and done it's the people that's still around you that matters the most !!! long live the company !! hahahha

AA said...

"Now I can truly say I'm living my life and grabbing each opportunities by the balls and making the best of it"

... and pillows! LOL

I too can't believe the twists and turns I've made in my life. Here's looking for those twisty curves into infinity.

changeiam said...

leave the pillows out of this one :P hahaha here's to more twist and turns !!