Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two weddings and a friend

Woke up on Saturday with a splitting headache, I guess you can call it a mild hangover. Hahahahahah had classes today from 2pm-7pm. OMG torture torture. Lucky I brought my notebook and the wifi was working so I manage to stay awake by entertaining myself on the net.

Had one wedding and a dinner reception to attend to. Jegan finally tied the knot today and his wedding was held in Batu Caves and it started at 6:30pm lucky being an Indian wedding the time where he actually ties the knot will be quite some time after all the prayers and blessings. Reached there around 7:45pm or so and the prayers were still going on. Met up with some of Jegans friends which I recognised. Finally both the bride and bridegroom sat at the altar thing and the priest continued with his prayers and they finally tied the knot around 8:30pm or so.

After that it was dinner time and you could see everyone making their way to the dinner hall. Got a call from Cynthia asking if I had dinner plans and I told her I was in a wedding and had to go for dinner in Klang for another wedding and if she had nothing to do she can join me. So I went to the dinner hall and the crowd was already lining up to get the food. Usually in Indian wedding they serve vegetarian food well most of the wedding I went to anyway but here they had chicken, mutton and even prawns. Didn't eat too much as I had to save space for the round 2 later. The food was good !!! Especially the chicken maybe next time if got events can get the same people to cater. I think I got the contact details somewhere at home.

So called Cynthia after I was done and she agreed to join and asked me to pick her up from her office. Left Batu Caves around 9:30pm and proceeded to Cynthia's working place and we were on our way to Klang. I vaguely remember the way to Mike's place and gave him a call when I was in his housing area and just as I made the turn I saw his house. Most of my other friends had already left and most of Mike's guest were also gone, leaving only a handful of us behind.

We went over to the food and Cynthia immediately got excited upon seeing pink/purple layered jellies and attacked that first. My target was the pork hahaahha. Mike had people serving beer as well and the problem was the girls serving the beer were too efficient. Everytime they noticed the glass not full they will refill it so I had no idea how much I had to drink.

Met up with some friends in Mike place which I haven't seen in ages as well. I think almost 4-5 years and it still amazes me how we can talk like we just met yesterday. Okay the beer might have helped a bit. Before we knew it we were laughing our heads off and I had tears rolling out my eyes. It was so bad until we had to force everyone to stop laughing and take a break cause it was starting to hurt but noooooo one wise fella had to start giggling and again we were having a laughing competition. There was no music so I was bored and got out my notebook and blasted it's tiny speakers providing some form of background music for everyone.

By the time we actually wanted to leave it was almost 1am and amazingly this time, the time was kind to us and I thought it was much later than it already was. Said our goodbyes and I drove Cynthia back to her office to get her car and away I went, back to my lovely bed as I needed sleep since I had classes early tomorrow morning. Everyone around me seem to be getting married. Hope them all the best and maybe they have a little kid soon. Hahahahah