Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday a day of rest --- yah rite

So after an exciting but tiring Saturday night, I had to wake up early for my classes. Set my alarm at 7:30am and I think I only got up at around 8ish. So rushed to take my shower and out of the house without breakfast. I knew for sure it's going to be a long day and I decided to take a detour to go get some coffee so I would at least be awake for the first half of class before lunch. Drove to the nearest Starbucks in this case which was in Amcorp mall only to find it closed.

Sat in the car thinking where the next nearest one was and drove to PJ SS14 and lucky they open at 8am. So got the venti iced Americano and off I went to college. I thought I was going to be late and was rushing to college and reached there around 9:05am or so only to find a handfull of people around. I was suprised and checked my schedule only to find out that classes starts at 9:30am. DOHHHHHHHH !!

Classes were suppose to finish at 5:30pm but the lecturer finished off earlier not like any of us were complaining anyway. So here I was sitting around in college wondering what to do. Made a few phone calls and everyone seems to be busy or already made plans to do something later that evening. So spent some time loitering around college getting to know my classmates better :D

Reached home around 6+ pm and was checking my mails when Wai msg'ed me and said he and a few others were meeting at Sunway for dinner. Since I was bored and didn't want to be at home I decided to join them for buffet steamboat. I think I had enough fishballs to last for sometime. The food was not too bad and it was cheap. Less than RM20 each.

So around 9pm with nothing else to do we thought of going to Settlers. So we made our way to Settlers only to find it closed. Grrrrrrr still not wanting to give up we ended up in a Cybercafe. Haven't been to one in months. So after what felt like almost forever I couldn't take it anymore and decided to call it a night. My eyes were so dry and it hurts just to blink. I thought it was like 2-3am and was suprised when I checked the time and it was only 11+pm. Must be damn bloody tired. Reached home and just went to bed. Was mentally exhausted, lucky don't have classes on Monday.