Saturday, November 25, 2006

The long long islands

Seeing that it's a Friday night and I've been a good boy the whole week, it was time for some fun. Aran suggested the day before that we go to Zouk for long islands and since I just finished classes it was a welcome break before having classes on the weekend again. Tyler was busy with some training thing and couldn't join us. So it was me, Andre and Aran. Aran also was already in KL watching some show so I picked Andre up from his place and in return he had a nice ice cold beer waiting for me. What a way to start the night.

When we reached Zouk, Aran was already there waiting. Armin Van Buuren was spinning that night in Mainroom but we wanted our long islands so we head over to Velvet instead. Lucky thing we did too because the queue for Armin was ridiculously long. Velvet was quite empty when we arrived and Aran was feeling hungry so we went over to the terrace to get some grub.

Aran ordered some club sandwich thing and not being too hungry I ordered some wedges. Me and Andre were contemplating on what to drink and not wanting to ruin our long island experience we ordered plain water. While waiting for the food to come Aran left us to check out Mainroom. So we were chatting and enjoying the view when I suddenly caught glimpse of this girl with an awesome tattoo on her back and told Andre about it and he was like yah damn cool man and we continued chatting.

Aran got back and told him also and said the tatoo on that girl looks like a picture on your Flikr and he took a look and continued chatting then suddenly he got up and walked over to her. Apparently it is the same person on his Flikr. Hahahahah the wine must have gotten to him, the response a bit slow one. Some girls came over promoting tequila shots as well and we all had one each.

Met a friend also in terrace who came to have coffee. Aran got a shock when he heard that. hahahahahah damn funny. The food arrived somewhere in between and the portion for the wedges is humongous how can 1 or even 2 person finish the thing ? Lucky we had some help from Celina whom I assume is Aran's friend cause he bought her a drink. After filling our stomachs with food and drink we proceeded to Velvet where the crowd started to grow.

As soon as we entered we went to the bar to get our long islands. I had a jug and Aran and Andre shared a jug. Bloody hell WTF wei !!!! ahhahahahha. Met another friend there. He opened a bottle but was struggling to finish it. That's when I roped in Aran and Andre to help him finish it but before I knew it Andre and Aran wanted to go mainroom to check Armin out. The music in velvet that night was so so only but somehow I still manage to find myself on the dance floor with the company of my new found friends :D

Also met this funny dude who dragged me over to his table to meet his friends and have a drink with him and before I knew it I was on the dance floor again meeting the rest of his friends. After a few minutes of that I excused myself and head back to my own friends. I don't know if meeting random strangers is a good thing or not still on the fence on this one. .. hahahahahah

Just like that the night is over and it was time to go back. Made our way to the entrace where I parted ways with my friend to look for the Double A team which obviously were enjoying themselves in Mainroom ... okay that somehow sounded weird .. hahahahah

We made our way back to the car and they wanted to go to Mervin's place to continue partying. We head over to Andre's place first so he can get the car because I wasn't going to be long there as I had classes the next day. Say only don't want to be long, I think I left around 6am and got home tired but satisfied. Live life baybehhhhhhhh !!!


AA - Aran said...

Wooo, you ended up on the dance floor with all the women? HaHa you da man la.

Meeting random strangers is always cool.

changeiam said...

Hahahaha well it was either dancing with the ladies or standing by the bar by myself :P