Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Met up with a few friends last night at Settlers to have some drinks and play a few games but the main agenda that night was to say goodbye to Agnes who is going away to Australia.

It was a fun night and got to meet some new people. The highlight of the night was when they brought out the cake and everyone sat around and gathered around. It's like a scene from a movie where everyone gathers around for an intervention. Hahahah.

This is only my second time meeting Agnes and obviously I don't know her very well so I didn't have much to say to her except from what I have observed in the past. Everyone took their turn to say their peace starting off from me and moving on to the people who knew her the longest.

It was a really touching moment especially when tears started swelling in her eyes. Having people who you care about around you on your final days in town before going to a foreign country.

Well even though I don't really know Agnes very well but I do hope her all the best in her future endeavours and hope she enjoys all the opportunities available to her while she's there. Live life to the fullest !!!