Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Away from office - Training

I was away from the office for training for two days and it was a refreshing break. The same instructor that tought the first phase also tought this seconde phase. Initially the training was suppose to be in Concorde KL but then was moved to Pacific Regency which is just near to KL Tower. I took the Monorail the first day fearing the KL traffic in the morning and didn't realise that the walk from the Monorail station is quite a distance. Reached the hotel all sweaty and hot.

I would very much prefer Concorde due to it's location but this place has wifi and it kept me going all through the class. The lunch was nothing spectacular as it was a set lunch and not a buffet as most of us were expecting and the food was nothing to shout about. I was nodding off every once in a while and almost fell off the chair once or twice. Hahahaha. During the break the instructor jokingly said no more partying for me tonight since the next day we had another class. I was shocked when he said this. Do I look like a party person ?? oh oh .. hmmmmmm hahahaha

Decided to drive to the hotel on Wednesday as I was lazy. Had some issue with the office and calls kept coming in one after another. Finally managed to settle it and just sat down in the c chair when I got another call but this time it wasn't from the office it was from BV. heheheheh. Talked for almost an hour outside of the class while the instructor was busy teaching . Went throught the rest of the day like a zombie and nothing really much went in lucky I understood most of what he was talking about. Tonight we heading to Mambo .. woooohooooo .. am suppose to meet CC there but then again we'll see how it goes.

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