Thursday, November 16, 2006

Me emo biatchhh

So I managed to get up around 7:30am despite the lack of sleep drove to work as I usually do but somehow the drive that usually perks me up before I reach the office felt longer than usuall and I didn't feel the thrill when I do being behind the wheel. I was feeling rather depressed about last night and how sometimes some people don't even try to take the effort to keep up to their word. Also probably because my classes were starting soon more like the next day and the anxiety is killing me.

Reached office around 9am or so and had my breakfast and a nice hot cup of Milo. Ahhhh that somehow helped a bit. As I was just about to settle down into my chair and get comfortable and I got a phone call and guess what. It was BV what a pleasent suprise just when I thought it was going to be a long boring day. BV was feeling shitty and somehow we ended up talking for what felt almost forever. Wait a minute it was because the next thing I know it was already lunch time. Oh oh ... time really flies when you are having fun. The conversation with BV has left me somewhat in a better mood even though it was BV who called and asked to be cheered up. Thanks a lot BV you really made my day, it was fun talking to you and to forget about the trivial matters in life. I manage to get through the rest of the day feeling much better.

Since I just came back from training there where quite a bit of work that needs to be cleared up and I left the office around 9pm plus it was raining as well and I didn't want to get stuck in the jam cause I didn't feel like sitting in the car staring at the red lights behind another vehicle listening to sad sappy songs on the radio. Took a nice shower and had my dinner and sat in front of the pc watching tv series ( HEROES ROXORSSSS !!!! )

Was halfway through and was almost about to call it a night when CC got online. I wanted to ask what happened last night but decided to just leave it at that and just as I was about to logout got a msg from CC saying that CC ko'ed last night and had to be driven back home. That explains a lot. Hahahahahah .. well there's always a next time.