Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coffee, tea or me ??

It was a slow Tuesday at work, well work will always be there just that haven't been really feeling the mood to work. Had classes as well yesterday and we have to decide soon on the assignment and how the work is going to be assigned to each other.

Met up with Tyler, Aran and Andre as well last night for some drinks. Went to Centerpoint after class and we ended up in Starbucks. There was this group of people sitting behind us and they were noisy as hell. It's one thing to have conversations but somehow the voice alone annoyed the living daylights out of me. Must be the lack of sleep. Yes yes that makes sense.

Wanted to have the usual venti americano but decided against it and tried some zen tea which basically tasted like ice lemon tea. What can you do with two notebooks that you can't do with one ?? hahahahah saw this couple sitting in Starbucks with two notebooks sitting down having a drink. Maybe they prefer chatting online ... wahahahahahah .. evil evil me ..

I was freaking tired when I reached Starbucks and kept yawning my head off but as time went by and as it approached 12am I felt more and more refreshed and awake. hmmm I wonder why .. hahahahahah ... creatures of the night ... :D

I think we left around 12+ am and I reached home around 1am and to bed I went.