Friday, November 17, 2006

Rain rain go away

So I got up early today cause I wanted to get in the office to finish up some work only to arrive and find the doors closed. Arrghhhh of all the days this had to happen the day I decide to come early to work. Stupidsssss .. only manage to get in the office around 8:40am and started checking my emails.

Few minutes later and the phone rang. OMG it's BV again I thought I wouldn't be hearing from BV for quite some time after yesterday but true enough it was BV. Spent a while talking to BV and one thing led to another and somehow we ended up talking about blogs and BV asked if I had one and obviously I just can't lie and say no. So now I have ermmm 4 people (I think) who officially knows about my blog. Welcome BV *waves* nice having you here :D Whatever I say here cannot be used against me okay !!!!! :P ahahhahaha

So I'm sitting here waiting for work to be over so I could head over to college but it's raining so damn heavily and I'm afraid that I might reach class late. I might leave earlier instead will see how it goes.

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BV said...

hahaha xD what la u i din see the previous post before this ! u updated again after i hung up izzit?
lol, to be honest, ur previous posts were all boring =P even the one with u complimenting me (thnx btw, but now i think a girl in my history class doesnt like me T^T but i shall try not to care since she doesnt know me >_>) and only this post is remotely interesting to read just because it's got more than 1 or 2 exclamation marks!

the previous posts u sound really dead... i KNOW u like ur life and it's not as boring and dull and routinely as u make it out to be so can u post now about ur partying life and how much fun that is? xD

im just saying, depressing posts or 'dead' posts are ok. but not all the time la! it's not like u're 70 and on ur dying bed and all u ever do is stare at the ceiling, eat porridge, stare at the ceiling, drink soup, stare at the ceiling, stone when someone cleans ur ears with cotton fluff.... @_@

*kick* *poke* i wanna go to the beach la hehehehehe

i must tell u , i dont regularly check ppl's blogs, so feel free to post whatever u want with me not reading it lol

changeiam said...

hahahaha yes yes I'm a boring person .. live with it :P here's some more exclamation mark for you !!!!!!! happy :P ... hahaha thanks for stopping by anyway :)