Monday, November 20, 2006

Raya Open House - Pt Uno

So had an invitation for raya open house yesterday for lunch by my college mate (NA) whom I have not seen in ages. Initially I was quite hesitant to go because well I don't really enjoy being in a crowd especially with strangers but since I had nothing to loose except maybe meet up with some old friends who I have not seen in ages.

I tried calling TN up but I guess he was still KO'ed from the day before. Already made lunch plans with CT the day before and since I wanted to go the raya open house I asked if CT wanted to go as well. So I picked CT up around 1:45pm or so coz the invitation stated 2pm-5pm. Didn't really know the way there but thanks to the easy directions given NA we were able to find our way to NA place's without much problem. The place was quite empty and I think we were like the first few to arrive. OMG damn paiseh I forgot I'm in Malaysia and being punctual is not cool .. hahaha

But being early does have it advantages got to spend some quality time with NA hahaha with NA giving us personal attention and serving us drinks/cookies. After a while sitting in the house feeling a bit awkward we decided to move out to where the food was being served and grabbed a table closest to the food and near the fan. The food was just awesome and the roast lamb was to die for. Started off with mee goreng and kueh teow goreng with fried chicken and some satay then for round two I got the roast lamb especially the ribs. OMG to die for and was sitting there enjoying my food when two other college mates (NH and KT) arrived. So the gang meet up again and we caught up with what's happening and what's happened etc. We were joined by (LW and FA) later as well. I haven't seen those two for like 10 years. OMG it's been so long. LW is married but no kids and FA is planning to migrate to Australia.

We were there till almost 5+pm when we decided to call it a day because we were super full with the awesome food and because CT had another place to go for dinner and asked me to follow as well since CT doesn't know the way there. Since I had no better plans I decided to go just for the fun of it. Hhahaha