Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Settlers once more

It's been a while since I've been to the gym and with all the drinks consumed the past few days it's definately going to take it's toll on the body. So today no matter what I forced myself to head over to the gym. It was damn tiring and because I've been slacking for quite sometime I couldn't do as much or as long as I used to. This is bad !!! Need to buck up if not will not be able to reach my goal for next year.

Vinny and the gang were planning to go Settlers that night and since I had no classes I decided to join as well. Joined them after gym and had dinner there. The chicken chop is not too bad. One of the reason they wanted to go Settlers was because Marlene was back from Australia and will be goin back to her hometown after a few days in KL.

It was a tiring night and I was damn tired after heading to the gym also but oddly enough I only reached home around 2am because I had to send Ricky back to Setapak after Settlers. The things I get myself into. Hahahahhahaha