Saturday, December 16, 2006

The after party

So after most of the people left Modestos I joined Raj, VJ and Emily at the bar to have a few drinks and to check out the crowd there as well. I never knew that Modestos has a dance floor and people actually were dancing there. Though not very crowded but there were enough people around the dance floor to make it happening.

After a few drinks and some dancing Raj said that he's heading over to Bangsar to meet a few friends and asked me to go along, since I had nothing better to do I said yes :D We drove to Bangsar to ermmm I forgot the place we went to, it was opposite Finnegans, I think it's called Telawi Street bistro or something. When we reached there it was almost 1am and he introduced me to some people. I only could remember Siva, Debra and Irene and I spent most of the time talking to them.

After some more drinks and a checking out the crowd there, it was closing time and apparently most places in Bangsar closes at 2am. They decided to head down to Hartamas again to Karma to continue partying hahahahhaa. So I car pool with Siva and we drove over to Hartamas. Well the music and the crowd was a bit different la ... hahahha not something I was used to but it was fun anyways, so after yet some more drinks it was closing time once again and we stood at the entrance talking about where to go next. OMG it was already 3am and they still planning to continue the night/morning. The rest left and it was just me, Siva and Debra. Since I came with Siva I had no choice but to just follow la obviously.

So it was decided we should head to mamak and so we drove back all the way to Bangsar for mamak. Hahahhahahahah ... ended up in ermm Devi's I think for breakfast ?? I guess you could call it that :D Apparently Siva is also a car nut and what's even more interesting is he's driving the same car as me. So obviously we had a lot to talk about but not wanting Debra to fall asleep with our "guy" conversation we decided to talk about other stuff and leave the car stuff out for the night.. hahahahhaha

Also in between all that driving and drinking I was pursuaded to get a ticket for a singles party in Zouk on the 21st. OMG I can't believe what I got myself into. Hahahah .. Finally after a long and tiring night we called it a day and after exchanging our numbers I headed back home. Reached home around 5am and fell asleep immediately. Definately an interesting night for me :D