Saturday, December 30, 2006

Night at the Museum Movie

This is the last movie I managed to catch in 2006 and I'm glad I managed to end the year with such a hilarious movie. The movie is starred by Ben Stiller but with people like Robin Williams, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, Owen Wilson, and Ricky Gervais also having a role in the show it promises to be loads of fun with never ending laughing moments.

*Spoiler Alerts*

Larry Daley played by Ben Stiller is a divorced parent who hasn't got a job and is forced to move away and leave behind his son Nick Daley (Jake Cherry). So he goes job hunting and lands up as a night security guard in a museum, to replace the 3 retiring guards played by Cecil Fredericks, Gus, and Reginald. On the first day of work Larry is handed an instruction manual and asked to follow it precisely and to ensure that nothing gets in or out of the museum.

Seing how it's the first day of work and no one else is around Larry falls asleep at his desk, only to awaken and find the remains of the t-rex missing. Walking along the corridors he find t-rex drinking water from the water fountain. Being chased by the t-rex he runs and hides under his desk and grabs hold of the instruction and the first instruction was "Throw the bone". Apparently the rex only wants to play fetch and soon acts like a cute little puppy. Hahahahh

The movie goes showing everything in the museum coming to life and how Larry handles all of them. He ends up being chased by Neanderthal men and Attila the Hun; besieged by cowboys , Roman legionnaires ; and befriended by Teddy Roosevelt , Sacajawea (Mizuo Peck) and an Easter Island head.

Jedediah (Owen Wilson) an Old West cowboy and Ovtavious (Steve Coogan) have an exhibit next to each other and are constantly at war with one another. One night Larry left them out of the display, only to return and find them trying to kill each other.

Dexter the monkey tore the instruction manual given to Larry and he had to figure things out with the help of Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams). The part where Dexter and Larry were slapping each other silly was damn hillarious and Teddy had to break them apart.

The Neanderthal men got a lighter from Larry because they were trying to start a fire and one of them ended up setting the hair on fire and Larry had to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out only to get the fire extinguisher foam thrown at him. There was one part of the movie when Dexter stole Larry's key and left a window open and one of the Neanderthal manage to get out of the museum and Larry was too late to save him and he turned into dust when the sun rose, leaving only two Neanderthal men left. I'm not sure if anyone noticed later on in the movie suddenly there were 3 Neanderthal men again. hahahahah

Larry's encounter with the Easter Island head is damn hillarious, left me laughing everytime it spoke.

Dum Dum ... give me gum gum

Quiet down ... my dum dum has something to say!

The three night guards returned to steal the tablet that got the museum alive at night because they realised that they too become younger and stronger at night. Dexter manage to open the door and let most of the museum display loose and Larry had to get the help of Akhmenrah and the rest of the museum inhabitants to help track down the 3 night guards or else turn to dust when the sun rises and never have the chance to come alive at night again.

Overall it was a damn funny show and the cast did a fantastic job potraying their characters. Definately a worthy watch !!

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