Monday, December 11, 2006


As I was driving past 1U the other day notice this big poster at the side of the road that had the Heroes poster and looks like Astro will be playing Heroes in January. I've been religiously watching Heroes every week as new episodes appear and now it's up to episode 11 and episode 12 will be out.

For those who have no idea wha I'm talking about you can go check out their website here. Heroes showcases the lives of normal everyday people who realise that they have certain extraordinary abilities. Each has a unique ability and with each episode they find out more about their abilities and the purpose of their powers.

The plot is just awesome while keeping everyone disjointed during the first few episodes as random people who have powers. The interesting part about the show is not knowing what might happen next because of the many possibilites that exists with all of the characters.
Definately a must watch. Must give some credit to Astro for getting the series to show here too bad by the time it shows Season 1 would probably be over :D giving me a chance to watch it all over again hahahahha

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